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If unpredictable just the only word that represent a reality, why still tired to be predictable.

— Akbar de Wighar

Akbar de Wighar

Akbar de Wighar founder Kartenz Page.jpg

   Born 20 June 1988

Salatiga, Central Java

   Other names   Berydw • BDW • De Wighar  
   Education Jakarta Institute of Arts
   Occupation Co-founder of KARTENZ    
   Spouse Chika Riznia




Dr.(h.c) Enggar Suwargadi

(b. 1960; d. 2010)

Endang Sadewi R.

   Religion Monotheism



Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw (born June 20, 1988) is an animation director, entrepreneur and musician. He introduced several developments in the production of animation and fashion.

He is known as one of three co-founder and current CEO of the motion picture production, KARTENZHas co-created a fashion line called MAJOR REBEL in 2012. He came to prominence as the creator of virtual band, CHUCKILL.


Early Years

Akbar de Wighar was born in Salatiga, small town in Central Java, Indonesia. His father, Enggar Suwargadi was a camera operator. His mother, Endang Sadewi,had a talent for making Cake & Cookies, whose father was also The Indonesian National Armed Forces (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia,TNIformerly Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia, ABRI). Akbar's creative abilities come from his parents and the spirit of hard work exemplified by grandfather.

Life & Education

Akbar de Wighar in 2017.

In 1992, Akbar's parents left Salatiga and start living in Jakarta. Early 2006, he continue studying at Jakarta Institute of The Arts (Indonesian: Institut Kesenian Jakarta, IKJ), with his education background he pursue a dreams to build an animation studios and then develop his own animated character.

Here are 7 funny facts about him:

1. Always use a black clothes


To stave off decision fatigue, a real condition where you become overloaded with so many pointless decisions that your productivity ends up falling off a cliff. Spend so long wasting precious mental energy on frivolous distractions – such as what to wear or what to eat. Reducing unnecessary decisions is such a good idea that I might even take it one step further. And, by the look of it, limiting your sartorial peripheries actually works.

2. Have double simian lines

Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia Co-founder MAJOR REBEL.

People with simian lines enjoy challenges and have great tenacity of purpose. They have a strong potential for accomplishment. They are unusually tough, forceful, goal-oriented, egocentric, ambitious, obstinate, but emotionally sensitive.

In multiple studies the simian line has been linked with various aspects of psychological- and/or psychiatric problems, such as (in alphabetic order): deliquent behavior, hyperactivity, neuroticism, and schizophrenia.

3. DIY hair cutting

He always hair cutting with DIY style. Haircuts are one of those things a really difficult time, especially considering to long hair, there’s gotta be at least a few other people out there that are crazy enough to cut their own hair.

Akbar de Wighar Co-founder KARTENZ, 2014.

4. Bicycle addict

He likes bicycle, in holiday always spare time to ride a bicycle around the town.


5. Cashless Society

If ever, carry cash, he seems not to have carried much of anything. Associates said he had his clothes custom-made by his wife and without pocket for a wallet. It's called The “Cashless Society”, a person who never carries cash, where cash is replaced by its digital currency.

Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Christmas tree.jpg

6. Wake up at 03.00 a.m.

His morning routine wakes up to meditate and go for a cycling, he kept up that routine during a period where he working at KARTENZ.

7. Dropout not to be obstacles

After his father died, Akbar de Wighar focus to work more than study in college. By then he had gotten work on  television network company and accepted into designer. He didn’t finish studies until founded KARTENZ.


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