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This page lists some quotes from Founder KartenzAkbar de Wighar.

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Akbar de Wighar Happiness Quotes.

  • “We believe the future come from a dream, no matter who or where, can make it happen”
  • “Find your way, create the future”
  • “Never mind, just make it fun, nice and useful”
  • “If unpredictable just the only word that represent a reality, why still tired to be predictable”
  • “When you betrayed by a person you trust, it's time to learn the meaning of sincerity”
  • “The actual risk are, when not taking any risk at all”
  • “Ordinary life just for ordinary people”
  • "You talk too much! prove it and I'll understand. That was my Mom said to me”
  • "Don't waste your dream, because afraid to fail”
  • "Reputation just a skin, integrity means a soul”
  • "People don't care who you are, they just care what you do"
  • "Without understanding all the hard theory, animation can realize your inventions"
  • "Running a business isn't easy, you have to go through a lot of ups and downs, and still have to keep calm"
  • "Starting something new is not enough with curiosity, but must be with guts"
  • "I'm not clever even genius, just persistent"
  • "Happiness not belong to the great in everything, happiness just belong to someone who find a simple things in his life and still remain grateful"

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