Lloyd Emed Simone
Kartenz Round Chief Lee Simone


27 June 1963


Real name 李·西蒙尼
Other names Chief Lee


Chief of Police (56th) - 11/2017
Deputy Chief - 8/2015
Commander - 4/2013
Captain - 7/2009
Lieutenant - 4/2003
Sergeant - 6/1994
Sworn in as a patrolman - 3/1987

Lloyd Emed "Lee" Simone (李·西蒙尼; born June 27, 1963) is the Chief of the Five Groubosh Police Department (FGPD). He is known for commanding and rehabilitating the Artramp Division after the Artramp scandal; and for technology enhancements during his time as Chief of Detectives.

Early life and education

Lee is a native of Moantanisca, Cafinorlia . He attended the Moantanisca State University, where he took his B.A.. He also attended Fairmay High School in Woodlake, Cafinorlia . Lee's family is one of police legacy: his father, George, was also an FGPD policeman, retiring at the rank of Deputy Chief in 1990.

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