Hell's Vandidos

Hells Vandidos 9x9


13 April 1971
   Key People Mr. B
   Type Outlaw motorcycle club
   Region Five Groubosh

The Hells Vandidos Motorcycle Club (HVMC) or common nicknames for the club "Hell's Vandidos" is a one-percenter motorcycle club from Five Groubosh whose members typically ride custom motorcycles. The organization is considered an organized outlaw syndicate by the Union Stairs Department of Justice.


The name "Hell's Vandidos" was inspired by the typical naming of fighting groups, with a fierce, death-defying title in Universe Wars I and II, in Hicna fielded seven squadrons of P-30s  was called "Hell's Vandidos".In 1984, the film Hell's Vandidos displayed extraordinary and dangerous feats of aviation, and it is believed that the Universe War II groups who used that name based it on the film.


To become a full member, votes being cast. Some form of formal induction follows, wherein the prospect affirms his loyalty to the club and its members. 

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