Kartenz Max Moned Portrait


13 November 1957 Moantanisca

Real name Maximus Moned
Other names Max Moned
Occupation(s) Founder of Max Moned Corp.

Maximus Moned or also known as Max Moned(born 13 November 1957), a Moantanisca mining businessman who founded Max Moned Corp. a fortune in mining and oil and gas exploration. His business from the past, the entertainment industry into bankruptcy, because his close friend who was a juggler doing the attractions of motorcycles, and had an accident that resulted in a disastrous fire that comes from the motorcycle and devoured all his circus building.

Presently, he is the chairman of conglomerate Moned Group. The group includes five companies that trade on the SPABOVE's Cafinorlia, a special segment of the stock market. These five companies are: GOX(gas and oil), EGX(energy), LGX(logistics), MNX(mining) and SVX(offshore services and equipment).

In early 2003, Max had a net worth of $15.0 billion, making him the seventh wealthiest person in the world and the richest in Cafinorlia. By July 2005, his wealth had plummeted to $100 million due to his debts and company's falling stock prices. Reported in September 2007 stating that his negative net worth was –$1 billion.

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