13 July -Unknown
   Real name Unknown
   Other names Red  Bad • B

Motorcycle builders,


   Instruments Bass
   Affiliations Joke


   Associated acts CHUCKILL

Everything was changed, except my skin. 


Mr.B (born Unknown, 13 July ) is a fictional character for the virtual band CHUCKILL, was created by Kartenz Studios based on original character designed by Akbar de Wighar.

Character biography

The real background and who his Mr.B still like a puzzle, However the thing that can be seen are, he as the heir a tire shop for cars and motorcycles, which is given when the voter is Mr.Black died with his wife, they live together and a single one of them are his family Mr.B, they already regard as their own children, Mr.B then change the function of the store into a workshop, because in these tough times when He can't purchase tires from suppliers, the idea to create the workshop and the logo on the front of the store that originally read Mr.Black, he changed by removing four letters behind the name, and then add the word "Custom Bike" so that it becomes Mr.B Custom Bike.

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