Mr. B

Kartenz Round Mr B Poster


13 July - Five Groubosh

 Real name Boston Kintpus Jr.
 Other names Red • Bad • B

Motorcycle builders,


Instruments Bass


Jonathan Kersky

Shinta Hepburn


Associated acts

Mr. and Mrs. Boston

(adoptive parents)

Sir Ardor Kintpus Sr.

(biological father)


Everything has changed, except my skin. 


Mr.B (Boston Kintpus Jr.) born Five Groubosh, 13 July. Best known as the motorcycle builders and bass player for the rock band, CHUCKILL. Mr. B is a fictional antihero appearing in animated movie created by Kartenz Animation Studios.


The real background still like a puzzle, However the thing that can be seen are, Mr.B was the heir of tire shop for cars and motorcycles, it was given to him when the owner, there are Mr. and Mrs. Boston was died. Before that, they living together and already regard  B as their own children. B then change the function of the store into a workshop, because in these tough times, when He can't purchase tires from suppliers for a long time. The logo on the front of the store originally reads Mr. Boston, and Mr. B has changed by removing five letters behind the name, and then he had an idea to create the workshop by add word "Custom Bike" with spray paint, so that it becomes "Mr. B Custom Bike".


Mr. B was the leader of The Hells Vandidos Motorcycle Club (HVMC) or common nicknames for the club "Hell's Vandidos" is a one-percenter motorcycle club from Five Groubosh whose members typically ride custom motorcycles. The organization is considered an organized outlaw syndicate by Five Groubosh Department of Justice.


The name "Hell's Vandidos" was inspired by the typical naming of fighting groups, with a fierce, death-defying title in Universe Wars I and II, in Hicna fielded seven squadrons of P-30s  was called "Hell's Vandidos".In 1984, the film Hell's Vandidos displayed extraordinary and dangerous feats of aviation, and it is believed that the Universe War II groups who used that name based it on the film.


To become a full member, votes being cast. Some form of formal induction follows, wherein the prospect affirms his loyalty to the club and its members. 


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